Gotta Start Somewhere!

Well, I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging again (I’ve had many other blogs before this one… I seem to have a habit of starting new blogs. 😛 I do have a good reason for this one, though, but it’s personal.), but for some reason I’ve felt that I needed to be all fancy and put together. But I’m really not that kind of person, and I’ve been realizing that I will regret not writing more while I have the time… so, here I am.

Right now, my life is pretty quiet–I’m alone for almost 9 hours a day. It doesn’t bother me too much, usually, since I am an introvert–and with modern technology, I can easily contact people if I want to. However, it does get lonely at times. I’m used to being surrounded by people–I used to live with my family, which included seven younger siblings and my parents, in a house that many would say was way too small for us. (Having been to Central America twice, I think it was plenty big.) So, I at once appreciate the silence and lack of chaos, and miss it.

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re alone all day. For instance, I thought I “jumped around” a lot (from one activity to the next, sometimes without finishing the first thing) because of the craziness at home… but, nope. That’s just me. haha. 🙂

So, what do I keep myself busy with during this time? Well, I eat a lot. This baby is a hungry baby… (and cook lots, of course.)

I also just started selling books with Usborne, which I’m really excited about… I’ve already been able to get lots of wonderful books for free, and I love being able to connect others to amazing books and promote reading, both things I’ve always loved. It’s even nicer when I get to make a little money doing it–we’re saving up for a car, a house, a birth, and an emergency fund–Plus we’re going camping this month and then it’s Christmas. So yeah. The money is going lots of places and I am glad to be able to add to it, even if it’s just a little. Hopefully it will increase as I get better at it. 🙂
Ugh, I’m hungry but I don’t want to get up… the struggle is real, people. I’ll try to hold off for a bit more… that only works for so long when you’re pregnant, though. 😛

What else… I’ve been doing some knitting, or thinking about knitting, at least. I did manage to make a “girl” hat, and one and half “boy” booties. Which is kind of a problem, because… now I have to finish that bootie, make a boy hat, and make two more girl booties. Hopefully that actually happens. Here’s Perry Polar Bear modeling the hat:


I’ve been wasting time on Facebook and Pinterest. Yeah, it’s true. Facebook causes rants and Pinterest causes hunger and making yummy food stuff. I think my husband likes when I’m on Pinterest better.

I’ve been cleaning (that isn’t really that impressive when your home is like 500-600 square feet), and doing laundry (Again, like three or four loads a week…), exercising (20 minutes or so of walking, plus some pregnancy exercises. Not as many as I should be doing. My husband is helping me stay on track, though.), reading books about nursing and pregnancy and stuff, and other things as they come up.

My husband really does have a name; it’s Pete. But I like the sound of “my husband” so I tend to say that more than I probably need to. Sorry.

Well, I think I really do need to eat now. A frog just jumped into our door. It made a weird noise. Okaaaay, this has been a random blog post. Hopefully it was somewhat interesting.

I have deep thoughts and pictures on the way later, so stay tuned.

P.S. My baby is moving!!! So freaky and wonderful at the same time.


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