The Story of My Bridal Shower Dress

I was thinking about my baby shower (coming in about two months, crazy!!), and then wondering what I’m going to wear… (maybe a little early, but maternity clothes aren’t the easiest to figure out)

It reminded me of the story of the dress I wore for my Bridal Shower.

I hadn’t figured out what I was going to wear for it, but I thought I should wear something special… so I ended up going dress shopping the night before. By myself. I don’t recommend this.

Anyway, I was struggling away there at Ross, trying to figure out what looked good on me. I heard a bunch of ladies outside, trying on dresses and giving each other tips and opinions. I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I thought I might as well just ask them.

Well. They gladly came to my aid– several of them were running around the store pulling dresses, and having me try them on. As I came out they’d say what they liked or didn’t like… finally, one of them found a pretty, off-white dress. Rather a lot like what I had imagined. I tried it on, and they were like, this is the dress!

And that isn’t the end of the story, either–as I was standing in line, I saw a group of them sort of talking and giggling a bit, looking over at me. I was curious, but I didn’t think too much of it. A minute later, one of them walked over to me and handed me a Ross gift card, which covered the dress!! It was such a blessing, and a great memory. 🙂


My cousin Victoria and I. 🙂


I wore my “crown” that I got for the wedding… figured there wouldn’t be too many other chances to wear it. haha. I also wore the shoes I got for the wedding… they matched!


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