Of France and Facebook

Obviously I know what happened in France–lots and lots of articles have been posted, many profile pictures have been changed to red, white and blue (the French version.)

I just… don’t have words. And I don’t know what to think, or what everyone else should think, or what I/we should do. So… I haven’t joined in visibly.

I’ve just prayed, and mulled it over, and tried not to be fearful of the future. (it’s hard when you see the world getting crazier and crazier, seemingly on the edge of blowing up, and you have a tiny, helpless, new person growing inside. My heart is so sad for the mothers who are actively facing this right now. I just… sigh. It’s so heavy.)

Sometimes I wonder why we always have to have an opinion. Maybe because it makes us feel less out of control? More useful?

I don’t know.

That’s my opinion on this one.

All I know is, God knows.


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