Tiny House + Baby on the Way

Similar to my last post, I thought I’d show you how we’re getting ready to welcome a baby into our tiny condo. (I do say tiny with the thought of the homes I’ve seen in Central America in the back of my mind… So I’ll add, “tiny by American standards.” It’s actually fairly decent sized. Not sure why we Americans need so much stuff. Anyway, moving on now…)

First, baby clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. are being stored on cubbies I found online at Walmart.com… they fit perfectly, which was pretty exciting. (I did do a rough measurement before asking for them, haha, but I didn’t think they’d fit SO perfectly.) It’s rather brown, but it works. Since we have such a small space, I am trying to integrate baby’s stuff into what we already have… we don’t have space to add much new furniture, and we also don’t want our room completely taken over with baby stuff. I think this will work pretty well. 🙂


Next we have the bath stuff–towels, wash clothes, baby wash, etc. This is all stored in a large cubby I received (thank you Mrs. Ursu!) at my bridal shower… it works nicely. I put it in the cupboard closest to the bath tub for obvious reasons.


And the baby bath tub, which is being stored next to the water heater in the closet. Haha.


I would want baby in our room anyway, but there’s not much choice when you only have one room, so of course that’s where baby’s bed is going. (Probably won’t spend much time in there at first, but we’ll see how it goes.) P.S. I really like how our room turned out! You can’t see it here, but we also have some nice curtains. It’s simple, but it suits us both and it’s very relaxing and pretty.


Close up of baby’s pack and play… Thankful to Grandma Serrell for getting it! Put some stuffed animals in for the picture, but right now it’s currently holding all the stuff for our home birth.


And, last but not least, baby books and toys are being stored on the bottom shelf and cubby in our living room. A bunch of other random, larger baby things are stuffed in the closet… didn’t take a picture of that though, sorry. 😛 And there you have it! That’s our pre-baby set up… we shall see how much baby ends up changing it. haha.


And this is me currently! Well, currently a week ago. Anyway, I don’t look much different. I’m 39 weeks and 3 days right now, patiently waiting for baby to decide when his or her birthday will be. Still feeling pretty good, though I can definitely tell my body is preparing for The Day. I know it will be soon; what I don’t know is if soon is tomorrow or in two weeks. Regardless, I am eager to meet our baby (and slightly nervous, truth be told…) when he or she decides it’s the right time. 🙂


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