Packages and a Sick Baby

So the happy news: tomorrow I’m expecting two packages!! 😀 One is a Lille baby carrier for Noah (and future babies), and the other is a Stitch Fix box. It’s a really interesting service where you tell them a bunch about your size and style and they send you a box of 5 clothing/accessory pieces that they think you’ll like. You try them on and decide which ones to keep and which ones to send back. I’m very curious to see what I get!! More details after I get my box and try everything on. 🙂 

The not so happy news: my poor, teething, growth spurting, leaping baby is also sick. 😩 He’s such a trooper though!! He’s still relatively happy in spite of at all. 

Just very, very sleepy. 

Even though I got way less sleep last night than I like, I am so grateful I get to be a mommy. It’s quite amazing. He’s so precious and I am learning and growing.


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