Stitch Fix Box 1: Outfits

Okay, so most of my life I have not really cared about clothes. I just wore clothes and tried to make sure they weren’t hideous, though maybe some were; I don’t know. It wasn’t until I started going out with my now husband that I started caring. He, on the other hand, already cared about clothes and dressed nicely. We’re weird like that.😬

So anyway. Point being, these are not really great outfit pictures. Also did I mention I have a sick baby? Okay okay, here they are.

Item one: a navy blue blouse/shirt thingie. (Sorry, I don’t know the lingo) I do know enough to know it wasn’t very flattering on me, though. My postpartum belly is actually pretty small, but this shirt makes it look bigger. Not good. 😬 Also, it wasn’t super nursing friendly. I mean, when a baby is hungry you do what you have to do, but it’s nice if it’s convenient. And if I’m paying $58 for a shirt (which I literally never have done in my life, hello goodwill!), I really need to love it. I did like the color, though, and I liked the detail on the fabric. For a simple piece, it had a lot of interest. It was also comfy, so points there. But… No, I’m sending it back.

See? Pretty. 🙂

And now for the skirt. I was really excited about this one when I pulled it out, but it turned out to be quite a bit big on me. I realized that apparently I am already back to a small skirt, so I shouldn’t have put medium on my style profile. Oops. My bad! I liked the print, the fabric, and the style… But I wasn’t going to pay $58 for something I would have to alter. So… Back it goes. Sniff.

Next, this silk top. Yes, silk, as in 100%, as in $88 for a top. 😱 It was pretty, and very, uh, silky… Ha. Seriously, though, it felt nice. As one of my friends said, it’s rather “mom chic”-ish. (Yes I’m wearing jeans, I just don’t do it often. Also these are my pre pregnancy jeans!)

Anyway, I did not really love it, and it was just too much to pay for something I didn’t really love.

The fit was a bit funky, too. 😬

On to the last two pieces… This knit maxi dress!! Fit perfectly, I can nurse in it, my husband likes it, I like the pattern… It’s a keeper! It did cost $78, which is a lot for me, but… I liked it so well that I’m willing to pay it. Well, my husband is. Ahem. I did use $20 of birthday money towards it, though! 😬

Close up of the print and Sophie, who, yes, lives up the the hype. Noah loves her. Hence she was on the bed with him; hence she ended up in the picture. Because why not.

And here’s Noah with her because CUTE!

Okaayyy… And now for the sandals. I actually liked them, which is saying a lot. I’m super picky about shoes. However, a. They cost $90 😱, and b. They didn’t fit quite right. So.. Back they go.

Close up. And baby legs. 😍

I kept one out of five items they sent, which is kinda what I figured would happen. I liked all five, though, which seriously impressed me!

So, what is Stitch Fix? I’d been seen that name floating around on Pinterest, so I wondered too. I finally read about it recently, and this is what I found out.

First, you fill out a style profile. Lots of questions about size, likes and dislikes, and so on. Very thorough. You can also link it to your Pinterest, blog, etc, so they get an even clearer picture of your style.

Second, you schedule a “fix”. You can set it up to come as often as you’d like, or just go box to box. Each box costs $20, which goes toward any items you keep. If you don’t keep any, they keep your $20. If you buy all five, you get 25% off the whole thing!

Third, you wait with great anticipation for the box to come!! 😄 It really is pretty exciting. Haha.

Fourth, you open it eagerly and exclaim about what you got! And go try everything on and mix and match with clothes you already have. (This is definitely one of the big pluses of this service!)

Fifth, you go on their app or website and check out–let them know what you liked and disliked about everything and choose what you’re keeping and sending back.

Sixth, you pack whatever you’re not keeping in the prepaid bag they give you and send it back. You have three days to send it back; otherwise you’re automatically keeping all of it. 😬

And that’s it! Well, almost. If you refer a friend, you get $25 credit when they order their first box! 😄 If you’re considering trying it, I’d be very grateful if you used my link. 😊

And that’s all for now, folks! I really enjoyed it, but highly doubt I will do it again soon just because of budgets and stuff. Unless lots of people use my link. 😬😄


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