Five Minute Free Write

With a baby on my lap. Said baby is eating a giraffe at the moment. Adorably. I bet you never knew giraffes could be eaten adorably… Well, I have news for you. Pretty much everything babies do can be adorable, even down to burping. Sometimes even their cries are cute. Not so much for us grown humans, however. We have to work a lot harder to do adorable things. Oh well, life is just tough that way. It’s a good thing God made babies cute, though, cause they sure are a lot of work. Mine is fussing already. I think he needs a diaper change. Or maybe he’s just mad that I’m not talking to him. He’s really into talking already. And eating giraffes. Mostly. He also likes trying to crawl; that is, until he doesn’t  any more, at which point he proceeds to wail. Babies have pretty intense mood swings… My husband was surprised when he noticed this, haha. I guess it is startling if you haven’t seen it before. Only seconds left… Can I make it before he totally breaks down? Talking and typing is hard. I might start writing things like hey it’s okay! If I’m not careful. There time’s up!


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