One Year Ago Today…

This happened. We were suspecting it for a few days, but we waited until we were sure the test would show positive if I really was. Even before I tested, I was noticing a heightened sense of smell. I also noticed a heat flash or two. So, after church, we went to Walmart and picked up a test, among other things, before we headed back. (Peter and papa were working on something at church) If I remember correctly, we didn’t have a church key at the time, so we had to wait outside until my dad came. Which seemed like a very long time to me. 😜 Fortunately he had a key, and I went to take it, rather nervous/excited/curious.

The results showed up almost instantly, which surprised me. I waited the full two minutes to be sure that was really what it was saying, and I was a very odd mix of emotions. Happy, scared, curious… Even though I was pretty sure I was going to have a baby, and even though I had wanted this for a long time, it was quite an overwhelming realization when I knew for sure. I realized my life was going to change drastically (again, I had only been married about two months) and that no matter how this went, I would be forever changed. Which was both thrilling and disturbing. Anyway. I whispered a prayer of amazement and thanks, and went to go tell my husband. He was watching my face as I walked toward him, and he said later that he wasn’t sure how to read it… He thought it was negative at first, because I looked rather solemn or something. When I got close enough, I told him and he smiled and kissed me. And papa of course was pretty close by, so he picked up on what was going on and said, “am I the first to know something??” And I said “no you’re the third, but yeah!” 😛 (God, myself and Peter first, haha) And he was very happy and hugged me. 🙂 So then I texted mama and Hannah and everyone (most of my siblings that is) came to church and I told them and they were all very excited. Except Matthew who pretended to be freaked out. Haha.

And later we got to talk about it some, about how amazing it was that we were really going to have a baby. 

Now we do.

He’s very darling and he has indeed changed our lives completely. And sometimes it’s hard, like today when my back was spasming (going to the chiropractor tomorrow!!) and he would cry unless I held him while walking, or the times when my husband and I are finally able to just sit and chat and such and he wakes up right in the middle of it. 

But a lot of times it’s amazing. It’s kind of hard to describe parenthood so far, because it’s like the hardest thing we’ve done, and it doesn’t sound very good when you describe it, but yet… It’s really so great at the same time. And I’m so excited when others are going to have a baby, even though I know about how hard it is at times. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, though. And this is definitely worthwhile. 


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