How to Avoid “Starvation”…

… after getting your wisdom teeth pulled. As a mother, both during pregnancy and now nursing, food has become a huge part of my life… everything revolves around food. Lol. I am constantly hungry most days! So one of the things I was most dreading while waiting for my appointment to get my teeth out was being super hungry afterwards due to the mush diet. I planned out a bunch of food, and thought I had maybe planned too much, but no. It barely lasted me the 5-7 days I needed soft food.

I’ve promised a few people I’d write a post about what I ate, so here it goes.


Here’s what I started with in the freezer: Ice cream, mango sorbetto, fruit juice popsicles (which I didn’t eat but should’ve), and frozen fruit–mangos, peaches, pears and bananas. (the last 2 I froze myself)


And in the fridge… I love pudding so I wanted to take full advantage, lol. Yogurt was also nice to have. The yogurt drink was a good idea, I wish I’d had a few.


And my pantry items (Well some)… Blended soups are a GOOD IDEA. Get/make lots. (I had enough with these 2 but more might’ve been good. I added peanut butter or goat’s cheese for more protein.) You’ll want savory food and these are perfect. Mac and cheese was good toward the end. Applesauce is a nice easy soft food. I didn’t use the broth but you might.


First thing I ate– Organic vanilla ice cream! I needed something cold, something soft, and something to make up for what I’d just been through. Ha.


I did several smoothies… I tried some fun ones, which cheered me up. Peach green tea ( and pear ginger ( I also had a chocolate peanut butter one.

I added chocolate bone broth protein powder to my pudding, along with some whipped cream. Yum.


I discovered that avocado and goat’s cheese are quite a nice pairing! At least I thought so. And it made me feel like I was eating real food, which was a plus.


Blended soup and mashed potatoes, yum.


I found some decent jello (no artificial dyes and such)… I really enjoyed it, haha.


Cottage cheese is another good option. I found when I was pregnant with Noah that honey and cinnamon is pretty tasty on it, if you like sweet with your cottage cheese.


Starting to eat more normally… mac and cheese and blended soup with goat’s cheese.


Sweet potatoes and grits. The grits are a little risky at first because of the small hard pieces (you don’t want anything going into your holes!), so I’d caution using that till at least a few days to a week out.) I also just ate a baked sweet potato on it’s own.


Another transition food was scrambled eggs (no picture).

If I was going to do this soft diet again, I think I’d plan even more savory food. I was rather sugared out even with how carefully I’d planned. More soups, maybe refried beans, creamed spinach, stuff like that. Steamed, mashed veggies could also work. Protein is a big challenge, too, so keep that in mind. A protein powder you can add to stuff helps. Also a soft cheese helps, like the goat’s cheese I mentioned a few times. Or just melted cheese.

Hopefully that was helpful to some of you! 🙂 Also just be really careful to follow the after care instructions (no straws, rinsing the sockets with salt water after the first day, etc). I was, and I didn’t have any complications. Phew! It really wasn’t as awful as I’d imagined,  including the procedure (which I was awake for)… I had literally been dreading it for like 10 years. 😛 So glad it’s over though!!


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